El Cotillo

Fuerteventura’s best kept secret

Posted by Barry Nixon

I discovered El Cotillo whilst staying in Corralejo Fuerteventura, due to a buggy trip transfer company that had some excursions on sale and looked appealing.

In my opinion, it’s a hidden gem of Fuerteventura, where you will find crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, rock pools, as well as an old harbour and a lighthouse.

El Cotillo Lagoons Fuerteventura ❤️

Firstly, the beach Playa de la Concha is one of the best in Europe, where Lagoons guard bathers against the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, safe for children. Plus, seafood restaurants cooking up the catch of the day fill the air with a fresh fragrance. Do not be fooled, that it is just a lovely relaxed old fishing village. In fact, with 50 beach bars, restaurants, cafes, and 13 things to do, the whole family will be entertained.

Visit the lagoons at La Concha ❤️

In addition, you’ll find a harbour lies between the surfing beach Piedra Playa and La Concha. In fact, from Castillo de el Tostón you can view both. As well as a tower that was originally built as a lookout for pirates and was designed to protect the harbour!

The El Cotillo weather is good all year round

Firstly, El Cotillo weather temperatures in January averaged 21°C, whilst February, March, and April ranged from daytime lows of 22°C to highs of 25°C. Plus, from May to November, it’s even hotter!

Furthermore, transport links are good, with the number 8 bus departing from the bus station in Corralejo, on the hour from 9am. The transfer takes 45 minutes, so you will have plenty of time to explore and enjoy this fascinating part of the island.

There’s only one big hotel in El Cotillo

I have stayed at the beach hotel, unfortunately, my experience wasn’t the best. Named El Cotillo Beach Hotel, at first glance, it seemed lovely. Unfortunately, the rooms were basic with no air con (just a ceiling fan) so thank god, that the weather was not red hot. Our main gripe was the food, the hotel was booked all-inclusive at a cost of £2500.00 for 4. Consequently, this was the final nail in the coffin for booking all-inclusive hotels!

Fear not, I found a great alternative in apartments

After the first visit we were hooked, so, we needed to find somewhere to elsewhere to stay!
Due to a quick google and social media search for ‘superior apartments with a sea view’, we discovered a licensed company called “no stress” holidays.

Here is some FAQ’s about hotels and apartments in El Cotillo:

What apartments / hotels in El Cotillo are good for couples?

One bedroom superior with pool – The Green Zen Corner

Which apartments / hotels in El Cotillo are good for families?

Two-bedroom superior with a sea view and sleeps up to six – The Corner Penthouse Apartment

How much does it cost to stay in a apartment / hotel in El Cotillo?

Self-catering: you can expect a one-bedroom apartment in El Cotillo to cost £50 per night. In addition, two-bedroom/family apartments in El Cotillo are £70 per night. Meanwhile, hotels cost in excess of £100 per night.

Rates based on U.K. August summer holidays, searched 25/5/2020

Corner penthouse apartment overlooking La Concha Beach – No Stress Holidays ❤️

Cost of living on a self-catering holiday

Spar, the worldwide supermarket giant, recently opened in the old town of the village. Owned by the Padilla family, stocked with the everyday essentials, you can expect to pay 60% less than a Spar in the U.K.

Low IGIC, which is the Canarian version of VAT, is reflected in the prices of goods. So, here is what you can expect to pay for your essentials shop:
Bottled beers – 40 cents
Branded cigarettes – 3€
Wine – 4€
A large piece of Spanish omelette – 1€
Crossaints plain or chocolate – 4 for 1€
5 litres of water – 1.50€
A kilo of mussels – 3.50€

Open Monday to Saturday from 8:30am to 9pm, plus on Sundays, it’s open from 9am to 3pm.
Address:- Calle 3 de Abril de 1979. Opposite the Oliva Corso Restaurant.

Fuerteventura map
Located on the Northwest coast of Fuerteventura ❤️

Travel Tips

Best time to visit

Weekends are the best! In addition, each Friday night, there is a craft market selling local products between 5pm – 8pm!

Plus, if you are looking for some Fuerteventura nightlife, a live DJ called Manufree, plays a set at Azzuro chill out bar every Saturday night, between 6pm and sunset.

Suited best for

Sunbathing with a beach to yourself is a reality, a relaxed, safe place which is welcoming for visitors of all ages.

International visitors from where

Spanish, British and German all enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.


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