La Pared

Fuerteventura’s Surf City

Posted by Barry Nixon

La Pared in Fuerteventura is situated on the fierce, robust and exposed western side of the Jandia.

The narrowest part of the island separates La Pared from Costa Calma, the contrast couldn’t be more conspicuous.

Set with views of volcanic mountains, with deep blue foamy waters, La Pared showcases the wild west coast of Fuerteventura.

La Pared means Wall in Spanish

I learnt that the village is named after the wall because it divided the two kingdoms of Maxorata and Jandia.

You can learn to surf and there are a number of schools offering classes.

As tempting as it may seem I recommend not swimming here because of the wild waters strong currents. Depending on the wind and surf levels, kite surfing here is possible, although not recommended for beginners.

Take your pick there are Two beaches

Playa La Pared is the smaller because of the two, I loved this beach, access it down the cliff steps.

Playa de Viejo Rey, can be accessed via Playa La Pared during low tide or from the cliff-top path. This place blew my mind!

Firstly you hire a car go here just for the view and waves it’s worth the effort. Secondly the cliff bottoms are shaped with the wind and well worth exploring so don’t forget your camera. However if you are just lazy, just watch all the surfers and kick back.

The village of La Pared is worth a visit

We drove down a dirt road entrance, to find a weathered little village due to the salt from the ocean.

The village has a few cafes, restaurants and also a mini-market. Surprisingly we found the “La Pared powered by Playitas” a sport and surf hotel. The resort is only 380 meters away from the golden sand beach of La Pared. The hotel offered a sports programme including bike tours, walking tours, Yoga, tennis and a full body workout circuit.

Recommended amount of visiting time 2 / 3 hours, spend at least one hour just staring into the ocean. La Pared is on the south west coast.

Only 9km from Costa Calma

Travel Tips

Best time to visit
Every Friday night at the Hotel La Pared powered by playitas there is a BBQ from 18;30pm. Serving food, ice cold drinks and chilled out beat from the resident DJ. Everyone including surfers and locals welcome.

Suited best for

The hotel is best couples and singles only and the surf is challenging to say the least. I would advise not talking small children, it’s rough and rugged here.

International visitors from where

Visitors from all over the world travel here for the surf, beauty and peace and quiet. Costa Calma the nearest resort is only 5km away so tourists visit on day trips.

Where to stay

For singles and couples as mentioned the Hotel is ideal. Although there are over 40 places to stay in Costa Calma if you are looking for more variety.


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