Caves over 70 million years old

Posted by Barry Nixon

Ajuy! Wow what a little gem of a place, here you can find caves, a old lime kiln and the beach.

The locals in the summer and at weekends spend there free time here. Ajuy is a place that many visit for its caves, stick with me though and I’ll tell you some gems.

Fuerteventura caves line the beach of Ajuy, the sea caves are thought to be over 70 million years old. Formed millions of years ago in the ocean floors crust before surfacing at a later date these are not to be missed.

Firstly you reach the Fuerteventura caves by a purpose built road which begins at the north of the beach. After a short walk you will find Two giant caves. Secondly on entering the caves the soil maybe wet and slippery please use the handrail provided.

Yes I went for a land surf but just about kept my footing.

From the caves you will be able to see a old lime kiln, fossil dunes and a viewpoint hanging over the sea to over 20 meters high

Limestone was big business in Ajuy

The industry boomed from the 19th century until the 1960’s, replaced eventually by cement. Cleverly the islands industry workers burnt limestone into limewash. The whitewash effect you see on buildings today originated from limewash.

The unburnt limestone was sold and used for waste treatment, making glass, paper, steel, insecticides, and building plaster.

This area of Fuerteventura is particularly interesting to historians and to geologists. A geologist is a person who studies the earths rocks, soil, fossils, mountains, and earthquakes.

If you are planning a day out you could visit both Ajuy and Betancuria in the same day. A short 35 minute inland drive takes you to the historical town of Betancuria.

Ajuy Fuerteventura on a map
Ajuy a area of outstanding natural beauty – Fuerteventura our happy place ❤️

Travel Tips

Best time to visit

Between July and October.

Suited best for

Singles, Couples and families.

International visitors from where

Geologists travel here from all over the world.

Where to stay

I haven’t yet stayed overnight in Ajuy so can not comment


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