Morro Jable

Beaches, hot weather and great food

Posted by Barry Nixon

Morro Jable is located in the south of Fuerteventura 9 kilometres south of Jandia.

The 84km drive from the airport is worth the trip taking taking 90 minutes. Whilst the north of the island is more rocks than trees and wildlife, the south is the opposite.

A dirt track used to be the only way to access the resort in 1968. Now it’s linkage is superb with safely marked roads and barriers on the windy descent from Jandia. The promenade is lined with quality restaurants, bars and high end shops such as Armani and Tommy Hilfiger. I particularly liked the grassy area which divides the promenade from the beach, it is lined with Palm trees and wildlife.

Morro Jable Fuerteventura shopping
Beautifully lined with Palm Trees – Fuerteventura our happy place ❤️

Playa del Matorral is the longest, widest, sandiest and most open beach in Morro Jable. The beach that runs parallel with the new town promenade is 4 kilometres in length and deceptively very wide. On the beach you can find 3 bars, lifeguard stations and sun loungers for hire.

The kilometers of white sandy beaches are the main draw to the South of the island. For those that prefer activities on or under the water, there are a number of dive schools in the area along with sailing boat hire, Jetski and Quadbike excursions. There’s also some decent snorkelling; stick to rocky areas and you could see Barracuda, Moray eels, Dorada (bream) and large Sting Rays.

Visit both the old and new town of Morro Jable

There is a short hill on the promenade between the new and old town, this is the quickest way to transfer between the Two. Get to the top sit down on the sea wall and take in the views, get some white sand in between your toes. When you have got back your breath and filled your lungs with clean sea air continue walking south. The volcanic rock wall to your right often has lizards, chipmunks and birds flying in and out of its cracks.

Fuerteventura wildlife
Feed the chipmunks as you discover Morro Jable – Fuerteventura our happy place

When you have fed the local wildlife walk down the hill into the old town. Here you will a small cove of businesses with seating selling beer, wine and food. Take your pick, grab a sea view seat and be waited on by friendly waiters / waitresses in a relaxed atmosphere.

You will be made to feel very welcome as Morro Jable offers many all inclusive hotels occupied by mainly germans. Your business is appreciated and the best news is it’s cheap!

Playa del Matorral Morro Jable
Playa del Matorral in bloom – Fuerteventura our happy place ❤️

Leading off the promenade are narrow pedestrianised alleyways and streets surrounded by beautiful canarian houses and apartments.

Don’t be afraid to venture away from the promenade because some of the best places in Fuerteventura hideaway here. With my friend I zigzagged through the streets and found a place to eat called Hookah Restaurante. Wow what a little gem, we sat down on the quiet roadside in the shade under a tree at a table and grab a menu. This little gem sold everything from homemade kebabs to Pad Thai to Cheeseburgers.

Morro Jable Old town streets
All roads lead to the beach – Fuerteventura our happy place ❤️

Be careful not to miss the harbour

We nearly missed the harbour, luckily a local painting his garden wall pointed us in the right direction. At the end of the old town there is a huge rock face, behind here lies the harbour.

If you walk south on the back streets running adjacent with the sea and after a short climb you will see it. Morro Jable Harbour is a ferry point to Lanzarote and Gran Canaria.

Divers and marine life frequent the harbour, it is not uncommon to spot whales, very large rays from the edge of the pier. There is also a turtle sanctuary in Morro Jable

The hot Morro Jable weather accommodates a turtle nursery which helps injured turtles to recover and returns to the Atlantic Ocean. On show are a few that are nearly ready to be reintroduced to the warm sea. Admission is free however there is a donation box which we threw a few euros in, these guys are doing a great job helping the wildlife and cleaning our oceans.

Experience something different with Morro Jable holidays

Unlike the rest of the island I do recommend the idea of staying in a all inclusive hotel.

Firstly this is the only place on the island I would stay all inclusive again. Secondly because the resort is popular with germans the local restaurants may not be to everyone’s taste.

However you may also want to look at bed and breakfast and Half board options.

Here is some FAQ’s about Morro Jable holidays and hotels

What hotels in Morro Jable are good for couples?

Adults Only – I can highly recommend these beach hotels in Morro del Jable for couples: Apartamentos casafaromar, Apartamento La Fula and Luxury Apartment Balcon de Jandía

Which hotels in Morro Jable are good for families?

Swimming pools, ice creams and close to the beach – Blue Sea Jandia Luz

How much does it cost to stay in a hotel in Morro Jable?

All inclusive – On average, a beach hotel in Morro del Jable costs £127 per night

Morro Jable Fuerteventura on a map
Deep in the south – Fuerteventura our happy place ❤️

Travel Tips

Best time to visit

Morro Jable weather in Fuerteventura is from April until December, when you will have a pleasant temperature and limited rainfall. Weather in the mornings from January to March is still pleasant although sometimes overcast. The highest average temperature in Morro Jable is 24°C in august and the lowest is 19°C in january.

Suited best for

In the old and new town I met singles, couples, families. The new town is best suited for OAP’s because it is less hilly.

International visitors from where

The resort is very popular with Germans however like the rest of the island you can find many nationalities here.


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